​NetSure 731 AA1

The NetSure™ 731 AA1 series embedded power system was designed based on its years of experiences in development and online operation to meet the need of newly constructed base station for multiple operators. This system matched outdoor cabinet for multiple operators and supply power to large station for multiple operators, network coverage and broadband access.


  • The rectifier uses the active Power Factor Compensation (PFC) technology and the power factor is up to 0.99.
  • The power system has wide AC input voltage: 85Vac to 300Vac.
  • The rectifier uses soft switching technology, raising the efficiency above 95.5%.
  • The rectifier has ultra-low radiation. With advanced EMC design, the rectifier meets intern ational standards such as CE NEBS and YD/T983.
  • Perfect battery management. The management functions includes BLVD, temperature compensation, auto voltage regulation, stepless current limiting, battery capacity calculation and online battery test, etc.
  • Provides multiple communication ports (such as RS232, Ethernet and dry contacts), which enables flexible networking and remote monitoring.
  • Perfect lighting protection at both AC side and DC side.