Liebert PSS Surge Protection Strip

This product is discontinued.


  • Surge Protection strips
  • Professional and Network protection models
  • Eight surge-protected outlets
  • Includes EMI/RFI attenuation
  • Benefits

    • Available in Professional model, or as a Network model with phone line protection.
    • Provides spacing for wall-mounted transformers without covering other outlets.
    • Angled plug allows connection of the surge protector without covering the other wall outlet.
    Higher Availability
    • Eight surge-protected outlets supply complete 3-line AC protection.
    • Protects against lightning, spikes and surges.
    • Includes EMI/RFI attenuation for improved power to connected equipment
    • Audible alarm immediately sounds if surge protector is no longer protecting the connected equipment.
    Lowest Total cost of Ownership
    • Standard two-year warranty protects your investment.
    Ideally Suited for
    • Professional and home office equipment
    • Network routers, bridges and hubs
    • Network workstations
    • Point-of-sale terminals