Liebert PowerSure PSA Line-Interactive UPS, 350-1000VA

This product is discontinued.


  • Line-interactive UPS
  • Offers multiple battery backed and surge protected outlets
  • Provides 5 or more minutes of battery back-up
  • Protects datalines
  • Benefits

    • Provides four or six battery-backed UPS outlets with space for transformer blocks, and two surge-only outlets
    • Enables USB, serial and contact closure communications.
    • Allows configurable input power selection
    • Operates with a wider input voltage window (110, 120, 127)
    • Meets USB, MicroSoft Windows (XP and 2000) and Mac (OS X version 10.2 or later) certifications
    Higher Availability
    • Provides greater than five minutes of battery backup at full load
    • Ensures battery availability with full sequenced battery testing
    • Notifies users with advance early warning shutdown.
    • Allows fast and easy maintenance with user-replaceable hot-swappable batteries
    • Operates with battery-saving Double Boost/Single Buck technology
    • Provides lightning and surge protection (TVSS)
    • Protects data lines against surges
    Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
    • Protects your investment with a standard two-year warranty, and optional extensions of one year or three years
    Ideally Suited For
    • Professional desktop PCs
    • Professional workstations
    • Small routers, bridges
    • Point-of-sale terminals
    • Other sensitive electronics


    Liebert MultiLink
      Automated Shutdown Software
    • UPS monitoring software
    • Operates with single computers or large networks
    • Initiates shutdown when needed
    • Supports email, pagers, audio and on-screen notification