Liebert DSE​ Packaged Freecooling Solution, 400kW

The Liebert DSE, 400kW is a highly reliable and efficient water-free cooling system for colocation, cloud hosting and data center applications. The system combines high efficiency pumped refrigerant economization and low peak power to save money, reduce risks and simplify thermal management. As a packaged solution, the Liebert DSE 400kW ships as a single, pre-charged, and factory-tested unit, for fast and easy deployment.


  • High capacity 400 kW unit at 65,000 CFM
  • Highly efficient pumped refrigerant economizer
  • Advanced monitoring and control
  • Large condenser surface area to minimize operating and peakpower
  • No dampers to service or outside air filters to replace
  • All components can be serviced from the end of the unit
  • Thermal break construction keeps air from leaking
  • 3 airflow configurations
  • Perimeter or rooftopdeployments
  • Reduced weight and footprint


Saves You Money

  • High-efficiency, with an operational PUE under 1.2
  • Eliminates water usage, cost and treatment
  • Low maximum kW to allow downsizing of backup generator capacity or more IT power for sale
  • No air leakage or volumetric displacement, eliminating the need for additional fan power ormake-up air capacity
  • Highly efficient in low load / part load conditionsMakes You Money
  • Rapidly scalable for faster deployment and time to market
  • Low operating costs for higher profitabilityLowers Your Risks
  • Proven pumped refrigerant economization technology used in more than 4,000 installations worldwide
  • Multiple fans, DX circuits and other key components for ride-throughSimplifies Thermal Management
  • Advanced controls that automatically manage unit lead/lag, protect against coil freeze, maximize economization and other routines