Liebert CRV+ DX

Liebert® CRV+™ is the latest thermal management solution from Vertiv in the Row cooling solution, optimized to ensure maximum cooling capacity with minimal footprint. It perfectly fits in your changing infrastructure cooling environment.


Feature-rich, small footprint row cooling solution

  • Energy efficient, Zero ODP refrigerant (R410A)
  • DC brushless inverter compressor
  • EC fan
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • MERV8 (G4) class filter
  • Modbus RTU (RS485) communication
  • Condensate water pump
  • Adjustable air bale system to direct airflow to the heat source
  • Top and bottom connections available
  • PTC reheater
  • Steam humidifier


Flexible Operations

  • Advanced control algorithms allow the airflow and cooling to be modulated independently
  • Adjustable modular baffle system
  • Air volume quantity can be varied as per load density
  • Extensive range of temperature & relative humidityHigh Reliability
  • Advanced automatic controller
  • High degree precision controls by intelligent controller
  • Better longevityLower operational cost
  • High return temp design leads to more energy saving
  • Variable capacity modulation
  • Small footprint releases space for IT equipment
  • Full frontal/back access - less installation & maintenance costDiversified Allocation
  • Best suited for >8kW/Rack load
  • With or without anti static floor
  • High heat density application with hot/cold aisle row cooling
  • Integral part of Smart Solution

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