CFP185KMM LCD rack console

The CFP185KMM series LCD rack console provides a single, integrated access solution for small and medium-sized business and server rooms. The solution is available in a variety of configurations, either directly connected to the server or connected to the local control port of the KVM switch for easy user routing according to their needs to choose the right products.


  • Set LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse and KVM switch in one18.5-inch LED energy-saving display
  • Scissors style ultra-thin notebook keyboard, taking into account the convenience of independent digital key design
  • The use of machine towline protection design signal cable design, to avoid pulling the LCD console after several cable wear and tear
  • High quality KingSlide rack special slide
  • The overall height of 1U, suitable for standard cabinet installation
  • Does not need to install the software, may carry on the operation directly to the computer
  • Automatic power protection design that automatically protects the power supply when the device is pushed into the enclosure when not in use.
  • LCD OSD adjustment, support for the LCD screen to adjust meet the DDC / DDC2 / DDC2B standards, in line with VESA standards


The CFP185KMM 3in1 LCD console integrates an 18.5 inch LCD display, keyboard and mouse into a 1U rack-mountable frame. 

  • When not in use, push it into the U-position of the rack, occupying only 1U of rack space.
  • When used, only need to pull out its' guide rail, open the LCD display through the integrated keyboard and touchpad can be in front of the rack server maintenance operations. The CFP185KMM 4-in-1 LCD rack console integrates an 8-port and 16-port KVM switch in a 1U space to directly manage servers in multiple racks, allowing administrators to continuously manage multiple server for maintenance operations.