Natural Gas

Enjoy long running times without refueling. Natural gas generators have cost-effective engines, long running times, and are environmentally friendly. They’re the most reliable source in situations that cause power outages.


Diesel-fueled generators are an efficient choice for high kW applications, as well as for facilities where code requirements call for on-site fuel storage, like hospitals and 911 call centers. They can also provide backup power in remote areas that do not have access to a natural gas infrastructure.


Bi-Fuel™ generators use diesel as a pilot fuel to ignite the natural gas, eventually running primarily on natural gas, but they are also able to run on diesel fuel alone as conventional diesel generators typically operate. The natural gas provides extended running times not available on diesel-only generators.

Modular Power System

A Modular Power System is an integrated approach to generator paralleling, and is cost competitive with large single gensets and traditional paralleling systems. Advantages are redundancy, flexibility and scalability in a modular type paralleling system.


Gemini combines the output of two 500 kW generators packaged inside a single enclosure. The result is 1000 kilowatts (1MW) of power in a space up to 40% smaller than a large, single engine genset.

Generac Transfer Switches & Controllers

Generac offers a full line of transfer switches to meet varying needs from light industrial applications all the way to the most demanding mission critical installations.