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DCIM Solutions

Are you looking for real-time insights about your data center’s infrastructure? Could you create efficiencies with more accurate and timely information? Consider Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions today. DCIM can give you the power to manage capacity, reduce risk and increase efficiency in real time. DCIM provides significant value in thermal management, capacity planning, data center monitoring, and energy management. Browse the solutions below to get more information about specific DCIM solutions.

Avocent AMX Analog High Performance KVM Sw​itches

The Avocent AMX Analog High Performance KVM switch provides real-time user access to all major server platforms and serial devices.

Avocent AV 3008, AV 3016 and AV 3200 Digital KVM Switches

Built for small datacenters and remote/branch office environments, the AV 3008, AV 3016 and AV 3200 models of KVM over IP switchs provide consolidated, streamlined access to server resources.

Avocent LongView 1000 Extender

Avocent LongView 1000 extenders let you place a keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers, microphone and serial port up to 1,000 feet away from your computer or Avocent KVM switch.

Avocent LongView 430/830 Extenders

The Avocent LongView™ 430/830 extenders allow you to place connected computers up to 500 feet away with a single CAT-5 cable. Even at a distance, you will still have direct control of your keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers, microphone and serial devices without impacting performance.

The extenders support environmental applications where the physical separation of the user and the computer is a requirement. These applications include harsh environments that are not suitable for the normal operation of the computer or secure applications to minimize tampering, information theft, system damage and unauthorized software installation.

Avocent LongView IP KVM Extenders

Digital Extension Solutions

Avocent® LongView™ IP KVM extension solutions enable you to separate and locate users and their computers anywhere on an existing LAN. This improves data security, removes computers from harsh environments and addresses limited workspace environments.

All of the LongView IP digital extenders eliminate the distance limitations found in analog extenders while maintaining an “at-the-PC” experience for the user. Convenient IP connectivity allows you to select the computer location and provide access to high-quality VGA or DVI video and audio from anywhere in your building. The LongView IP digital extenders also support a comprehensive range of periperals including DVI-I, CD audio, USB mass storage, keyboard and mouse and other USB devices.

Deploying this solution is fast and easy. Simply attach one of the LongView IP transmitters to the computer, plug the peripherals into the receiver at the user location (desk) and connect both units to the local network.


Avocent SwitchView Digital KVM Switches


The SwitchView™ IP remote access device is a digital switch that includes an on-board Web interface that gives small to midsize businesses convenient, secure, browser-based access to existing analog KVM switches and servers.

The SwitchView™ switch lets you select DES, 3DES, AES or 128-bit SSL encryption for keyboard, mouse and video. The device’s Java™ video viewer supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape. Plus, the device is flash upgradeable for fast and easy updates.

With this solution, you also utilize the Dambrackas Video Compression® (DVC) algorithm for high-quality video and gain a local port for convenient connectivity to an existing analog KVM switch or server.


Avocent SwitchView DVI KVM Desktop Switches

Desktop KVM switches for high-end graphic applications.

The Avocent SwitchView™ switches enable you to use a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to seamlessly access multiple PCs without the expense and waste of valuable desktop real estate. You no longer need dedicated KVM equipment for each machine.

This offering is made up of the SwitchView™ 100, SwitchView™ MM and the SwitchView™ DVI switch series.


Avocent SwitchView MM KVM Desktop Switches

Allows switching between USB and PS/2 systems for multimedia applications.

The Avocent SwitchView™ MM Desktop KVM switches enable you to use a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to seamlessly access multiple PCs, without the expense and waste of valuable desktop real estate.

You no longer need dedicated KVM equipment for each machine.


Avocent SwitchView SC 400/500 Secure KVM Switch

The Avocent® SwitchView™ Secure KVM switches are field-proven, secure KVM switching solutions for government agencies. SwitchView Secure solutions allow users to switch safely between computers operating at different classification levels from a single set of peripherals, providing continuous access to critical data. With multiple security features, the Avocent KVM Secure Switch design prevents the transfer of data between the connected computers, ensuring data security isn’t compromised.

SwitchView Secure switches are National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria validated to EAL 4 augmented with ALC_FLR.2 (designated as EAL 4+).


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