Precision Cooling and Thermal Management

Thermal Management Systems For Your Data Center

Find the perfect thermal management and cooling solutions for your data center. We carry a full line of Vertiv cooling systems for a wide variety of applications. Browse cooling solutions using the categories below. Need help to select the perfect thermal management and cooling system for your facility? Use the Thermal Management selection tool below.

Thermal Management Selection Tool

The Thermal Management Selection Tool is useful to assist you with selection of computer room air conditioning (CRAC) / precision air conditioning equipment for small data room cooling, large data room cooling, high density data room cooling, telecom and shelter cooling, self-contained server rack cooling, In-Row server rack cooling, custom air handling units for large data center cooling and heat rejection systems.

Small Room Cooling and In Row Cooling

Liebert small room cooling solutions deliver cooling and humidity control to data centers, telecom, control, and equipment rooms. These space-saving solutions are available in configurations and sizes to protect and cool electronic equipment in tight spaces. Liebert offers in-row, ceiling, floor and wall-mounted solutions.

Self Contained Rack / Cabinet Cooling

These systems offer a unique solution by incorporating the precision air conditioning into the rack. This design eliminates the need for a precision room air conditioner, increases efficiency and are rapidly deployable. Self-contained rack solutions range in size from 1/2 to 10 tons (1.6 to 40 kW).

Large Room Cooling

Liebert large room cooling solutions are designed for both raised and non-raised floor applications and can be configured for up-flow or down-flow applications. They are offered in air, water, chilled water, glycol, glycool and EconoPhase configurations. The new EconoPhase version offers the most energy efficient mechanical cooled system on the market. Large room cooling systems range in size from 8 to 60 tons (28 to 240 kW).

Chilled Water-based Data Center Cooling

The Liebert CW data center cooling system is specifically designed to handle the high heat loads generated by computers and other electronic equipment, using an existing building chiller as a source of chilled water cooling. Liebert iCOM controls and a variety of energy efficient features combine to ensure reliable, economic data center management. Liebert CW is available in downflow and upflow models, in 26-181 kW capacities. Options include variable speed drive fan motors for all models and EC plug fans for all downflow models.

High-Density Modular Point of Use Cooling

High heat density system delivers data center cooling for more than 30 kW per rack. Liebert XD offers floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount configurations. Utilizes pumped refrigerant, which is ideal for use around electronic equipment. Enhances the hot aisle / cold aisle approach to cooling. High density solutions are configured in 45 ton (160 kW) building blocks with spot cooling modules that range in size from 2.5 to 8 ton (9 to 30 kW).

Liebert Indirect Evaporative Free Cooling Unit, 150-400+kW

The Liebert Indirect Evaporative Free Cooling Unit improves energy efficiency with potential PUEs under 1.2 with minimal water usage.

Liebert Direct Evaporative Freecooling Unit, 150-600+kW

The Liebert Direct Evaporative Freecooling Unit delivers the
lowest capital and operating costs, with a mechanical PUE of less than 1.1,
streamlined installation and the industry’s lowest peak power consumption.

Heat Rejection – Refrigerant and Glycol Systems

System-matched condensers, drycoolers and condensing units ensure continuous, proper operation of data center cooling systems. The units are available in a variety of configurations, including high energy efficiency models and low noise models to best support data center infrastructure. Heat rejection systems range in size from 1 to 150 tons (3.5 to 525 kW).

HPC-S Freecooling Chiller

Liebert HPC-S is the new small-size free cooling chiller designed for the efficient cooling of small data centers . Liebert® HPC-S delivers energy savings of up to 55% and comes complete with a control system which uses the best electronic technology, EC Fans and an electronic thermostatic valve allowing customers to efficiently meet their business goals regardless of the dimensions of their data center.

Liebert iCOM Cooling Unit Control

Manage and control data center cooling units to improve protection, automate cooling system routines and simplify maintenance.

iCOM CMS Control

The new Liebert iCOM-S system control is a single point for centralizing data from cooling units and sensors to harmonize and optimize thermal system performance across the data center, gain quick access to actionable data and automate system diagnostics and trending.


Liebert iCOM-S Thermal Sys​tem Supervisory Control

Manage and control your entire data center cooling system for up to 50% higher efficiency, improved protection and greater productivity.


Discontinued Precision Cooling and Thermal Management Products

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